《 Miss You Much 》

《 Miss You Much 》
2019|08 minutes|香港 Hong Kong
廣東話 Cantonese|彩色 Color


Writer & Director 編劇、導演: Lee Ngai Man, Charlotte 李毅敏
D.O.P. 攝影指導 :Timliu Liu 廖天駿 
Starring 主演:Gloria Tang  歌莉雅 , Yeung Yi Yi 楊依依

故事講述Gloria (歌莉雅 飾) 因為一次突然的機會而要單獨照顧婆婆(楊依依 飾),年少無知的情緒與衝動話語,

Gloria need to take care of her grandmother by a sudden chance. Her young, ignorant emotions and
impulsive words have to face of grandmother's suddenly health condition.
However, it brings infinite tenderness between them which will change Gloria forever.

Awards 獎項

最佳微電影女主角獎 – 銀獎
The best female artist award (silver)


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